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 #1 dermatologist recommended 🏆

Amoryze™ Light Spot Treatment

Amoryze™ Light Spot Treatment

💜 Advanced technology for a relentless acne battle

🍃 Accelerates natural repair

🌿 Clinically proven effective and comfortable

💫 A powerful solution for diverse skin concerns

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  • Power Source: Dry battery
  • Available Colors: Silver Gray, Rose Gold
  • Adjustment Level: Single Gear
  • Purpose: Effective Acne Mark Repair
  • Construction: Crafted from Durable ABS and Aluminum Tube Materials
  • Batteries ‏ : ‎ 1 AAA batteries required.
  • Product Dimensions ‏: ‎ 1.28 x 2.04 x 6.32 inches; 1.6 Ounces

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How To Change The Battery

  1. Using a small Philips type 'O' screwdriver, remove the bottom white cap to access the battery compartment.
  2. Gently pull the silver casing away from the device to reveal the battery.
  3. Follow the device's directional cues to insert the replacement battery correctly.
  4. After replacing the battery, align the notch on the bottom white cap with the corresponding hole on the device.
  5. Secure the white cap by fastening it with the Philips head screwdriver. Ensure the smaller of the two notches lines up with the front side of the grey casing.

How To Use

  1. First, unscrew the tail and securely insert the battery. Ensure it's tight, then press the button; otherwise, the power won't activate.
  2. Press and hold the power button for one second until the device emits a beep.
  3. Gently apply the device directly to clean skin, ensuring that the light fully surrounds the acne-affected area.
  4. Operate the device for a duration of 2 minutes. It will automatically power off after this time.
  5. Repeat this process up to three times daily until the acne clears.
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Swift Acne Relief: Amoryze Light Therapy Spot Treatment

Elevate your acne treatment with the Amoryze Light Therapy Acne Spot Treatment. It harnesses dermatologist-recommended light therapy to quickly target and reduce breakouts. Proven effective, it uses red and blue light therapy to treat pimples without causing irritation. Its portable design is perfect for on-the-go use, leaving no residue. FDA-cleared, UV-free, and chemical-free.

Dealing with Acne Breakouts?

Solve the challenge with Amoryze Light Therapy Spot Treatment. A swift and irritation-free solution to diminish breakouts. It employs clinically proven light therapy technology, utilizing blue light to combat acne-causing bacteria and red light to soothe inflammation

Good For All Skin Types

Clinically verified as suitable for even the most sensitive skin, reducing breakouts without any discomfort, flaking, or itching. This proven method provides an effective and comfortable solution for acne concerns.

Some Of The Results

After just a month of using LED light therapy

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Addressing The Most Important Skin Issues

Utilize the benefits of Blue-ray for sterilization and Red light for anti-inflammation, skin repair, and acne scar reduction. This combination effectively diminishes vein varicose, pimple oiliness, and scars, accelerating the skin's natural healing process. Suitable for use on any part of the body, including the face, nose, cheeks, and legs


How does Amoryze Light Therapy Acne Spot Treatment work?

Amoryze Light Therapy Acne Spot Treatment utilizes red and blue light therapy to target acne breakouts. Blue light kills acne-causing bacteria, while red light reduces inflammation, accelerating the healing process.

Is this product suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, it is clinically proven to be gentle enough for sensitive skin, minimizing the risk of flaking or irritation during treatment.

How often should I use the Amoryze Light Therapy Acne Spot Treatment?

For best results, use it for 2 minutes up to 3 times a day on the affected area. Be sure to follow the instructions in the user manual.

Is the treatment messy and does it leave residue?

No, it's clean and residue-free. The patent-pending design allows for targeted treatment, leaving no mess behind.

Is Amoryze Light Therapy Acne Spot Treatment safe for use on the body, such as the legs or back?

Absolutely! This treatment is gentle and can be used on various body parts, not limited to the face, making it versatile for different areas of concern